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The Big Bang Theory TV Series – an OP by Avanzado 2 students

This is part of the Tuesday’s BBT2 OP. It’s an audio file with some typed comments by the teacher – feedback.

TV Series

Students in the Avanzado 2 courses have spent the last two months working on a project which entailed watching the same episode of a TV series several times, to gather some Useful Language. We’re starting this thread in case any of the students wishes to comment on the experience, and we will also post here the links to the Oral Presentations they prepared on this experience. Post freely and enjoy! 🙂
Here is where we are publishing their work: materials from the OP and links to videos of their work: Speaking & Listening – Students’ Contributions – Students’ Cornet, at the EOI Getafe website.

Rare Superman Comic to Be Auctioned Off

Superman was created by two teenagers from Cleveland, Jerry Siegel (writer) and Joe Shuster (artist). They failed to convince comics publishers and newspapers to print their stories until Superman finally made his first appearance in ACTION COMICS #1, cover date June 1938.
Listen to the news and feel free to post your comments! Thanks!
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