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The Social Network (2010)

For Avanzado 2 students: This movie is about the origins of Facebook. I haven’t managed to watch it yet (too busy!), so if any of you does, please tell us about it in class. Here is the link to its official website, where you can download the screenplay (please, as usual, don’t read it until you’ve watched it a couple of times)!! and then tons of things more!


The Gods Must Be Crazy (1980)

One of the funniest, most constructively intelligent and tenderest movies ever! You learn about the very nonviolent Bush people in a desert in Africa, you learn about our very violent world in contrast (but the film shows no nasty scenes) and also about what is important in life. You laugh your head off in natural ways, not compulsively. It’s a must, people!
The beginning is kind of misleading. It sounds and looks like a documentary. It’s like a Background Information intro. But then we get the story, or stories, so real, so human that you realize most things we see are not!
This movie, or series of movies (it’s got 3 parts or so) contains insightful material, hilarious stories, that allow you to realize those obvious things we’ve forgotten about! Kindness and solidarity survive and develop in a world where the gods have gone nuts!
It all begins with a bushman finding an empty bottle of… Are the gods crazy? Have you seen this awesome movie? (They’re showing it these days on pay TV)

Dan In Real Life

A romantic comedy, with a peculiar family, an ideal family, really.
The score (soundtrack) is great. If you go to “downloads” and then scroll down, you can listen to some of the songs. Great to learn English!
Dan in Real Life – Official website

Life of Brian – We’re all individuals

By Monty Python. Do you enjoy this scene? Do you understand what they say? 🙂

The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes

Considering some students are reading about Sir Conan Doyle’s classic, we thought you might enjoy this music. It was composed by Miklos Rozsa and it’s part of the soundtrack of a  1970 Billy Wilder film (minute 5!), “The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes”. Tell us if you like it. Enjoy!

Rare Superman Comic to Be Auctioned Off

Superman was created by two teenagers from Cleveland, Jerry Siegel (writer) and Joe Shuster (artist). They failed to convince comics publishers and newspapers to print their stories until Superman finally made his first appearance in ACTION COMICS #1, cover date June 1938.
Listen to the news and feel free to post your comments! Thanks!
More: Superman on Radio and Audio

Save small bookshops!

This year I learned that all the independent bookshops I knew in London had disappeared! All that world wiped out… In Sister Write I discovered women cartoonists, matriarchal tarots (with round cards!) and that some women used natural sponges instead of tampons! In Silver Moon I stashed my rucksack with books written by women, back in 1989, when in Spain the only woman writer most people knew was Agatha Christie and they hadn’t even noticed it was the only woman they had ever read. I got books like “In Search of our Mother’s Gardens” by Alice Walker, Lorde’s “Sister Outsider”,  B. Head’s “Tales of Tenderness and Power” or the amazing anthology “Daughters of Africa”. Books by black women. I will always keep the sweetest memory of those little bookshops, full of worlds that I could not find back home.
In a little bookshop in Petticoat Lane Street Market I found what could not ever be found! – A book by Virgnia Woolf, “Three Guineas”, published by… the Hogarth Press!!! — which means, actually made by her! (That was the publishing house she set up with her partner Leonard Woolf!)
 And guess what: the bookseller sold it to me for 10 quid! Why would he do that? I’ve always wondered. Sweetest bookseller!
Then I remembered
how a bookseller in Catalonia who had had the hardest time keeping his bookshop during the dictatorship because although that was one of the very few places where you could buy books that were banned, people kept stealing there! The bookseller was risking his life to bring those books to us, for democracy, and people stole them! 😦

So here goes my proposal
: Let’s help small bookshops! Otherwise we’ll end up not having any!!! Near Getafe Central: Vídeo-Librería Odysea, c/ General Castaño 11. It opens from 10.30 to 14.00 and from 17.30 to 20.30.  Let’s save small bookshops!