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Cold Comfort Farm NI2

Flora Poste disapproves strongly of unhappiness (“so unnecessary”). She’s cheerful, efficient and  full of common sense. If you read this satire of rural life and met Flora, you must leave a comment.


Robin Hood NB1

We’ve just read the book and seen the film Robin Hood. If you enjoyed them please leave a comment.

The Three Little Pigs, a Project by NB1 students

At the Students’ Corner you will find this lovely end-of-course project by NB1 students in course 2009-10. We hope it’s inspiring! They wrote the play and then they performed in class. They’re on video, so check this link out!: The Three Little Pigs Enjoy!

The Picture of Dorian Gray

Paula’s NB2 students are welcome to post here their book reviews of this abriged version of Oscar Wilde’s novel. Enjoy!