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Cold Comfort Farm NI2

Flora Poste disapproves strongly of unhappiness (“so unnecessary”). She’s cheerful, efficient and  full of common sense. If you read this satire of rural life and met Flora, you must leave a comment.


Robin Hood NB1

We’ve just read the book and seen the film Robin Hood. If you enjoyed them please leave a comment.

The Woman in White

For many, this is the first detective story ever written.

Compelling reading, impossible to put down.

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A video poem including Blake’s “Tyger, tyger”


The Happy Prince

B1 students have read this moving tale by Oscar Wilde. It was only written in the 19th century and it’s already a classic. We’d love to read your comment!

Sicko – Healthcare in the USA

Sick-o /síkou/, not psycho /sáikou/! Directed by Michael Moore – watch the trailer & get it at Free Documentaries

Video poems

Check out “Constellations”, a moving poem! (in the two senses!)

Would you like to record a video poem? Tell us about it! 🙂