Cold Comfort Farm NI2

Flora Poste disapproves strongly of unhappiness (“so unnecessary”). She’s cheerful, efficient and  full of common sense. If you read this satire of rural life and met Flora, you must leave a comment.


4 responses to “Cold Comfort Farm NI2

  1. Paloma Ballón

    Cold Comfort Farm is a very interesting and funny book, so I recommend you to read it if you want to have a good time. And you can watch the film, which is quite easy to understand. Although there are several differences between them, the dialogues are very similar. To finish, my favourite character is Flora because I liked how she got to change everything on the farm.

  2. Sandra García

    I really like this movie, Cold Comfort Farm, because it´s got touches of humor and it´s easy to understand the dialogues. I think that it was a very good exercise for us.

  3. Rubén Díaz

    Cold Comfort Farm is a very funny book, especially some characters (for example Amos). In my opinion, it is an interesting book and it is worth reading it. The film is very similar to the book and easy to understand. I think both are good exercises to practise our reading and listening.

  4. oscar javier

    I think Cold Comfort Farm is a very good story. About the book or the film, I would like to tell one different between them. In the book, you can felt that there is a social obligation to change the lifestyle in the farm. In the film, I think Flora has a challenge, but not an obligation. However, both the film an the book are a very interesting comedy

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