The Price of Peace. Stories from Africa

Paula’s NI1 students are welcome to post here their book reviews of this wonderful collection of stories.  Enjoy!


12 responses to “The Price of Peace. Stories from Africa

  1. Mª José González

    Hello Paula ! I want to be the first person in write in the Official page of E.O.I. altrhough yesterday I give you me review of the book .
    My opinion, the book I don’t like very much because the stories are a few sad.
    Bye,see you tomorrow

  2. This book is very interesting because each story shows the relationships between the people, the good and bad things. And you can see the different way of life between Europa or America and Africa. To live in Africa is very hard work, nothing is easy. I think it is a good book for people with eager minds

  3. I recommend this book to all the people who likes to human relationships and learn from the good things and bad too. In each story there is a constant search of what is happiness and everyone is looking for a different ways.

  4. this book talk about people living in different countries of Africa, their problems, their daily life, their dreams which most of them will never get.
    I don´t like this book because the stories are all too sad, there is never a happy ending and I don’t like stories with that kind of ending. I think life is very difficult and it isn’t necessary to have more sad stories, we have enough.

  5. Do you like reading about conflicts? If you do, The price of peace by Christine Lindop is your book. It includes five stories where the main characters have to resolve difficult situations.

    The first story is about a couple who is not married. Ayo (the woman) wants to marry Ajayi (the man) but the moment never comes. The second story is about a man who is disappointed with his life, because he had a sad past and his work is very repetitive. One day, he starts daydreaming, but his dreams soon disappear. The main characters of the third story are two sisters that have different points of view about relationships. The fourth story talks about the exile of two friends, and finally, in the fifth story, we can read about a “special miracle”.

    The best story, in my opinion, is the third “Two Sisters”, because it´s very entertaining and talks about the relationships, love, the avarice of the people, that makes a very amazing story.

    I think that book is a little bit difficult to understand if your native language is not English, because the vocabulary is round-about. I don´t like very much it, because as I had said it´s difficult to understand for me, and it´s not talk about the topics I like, except one of the stories, but I think you´ll enjoy it if you like philosophy, politics and religion topics.

  6. I think this book is very interesting because it shows us the different style of life between Africa and Europe. This book can be read for younger people to understand that to live in Africa is very hard and how his life is easier.

  7. My personal opinion is that the title “The price of peace” is a very philosophical sentence. Everyone will be able to understand it when reading through each story and discovering that everybody has a price, in many different ways , but at the end they paid with money , gifts, marriage,. and the others come back with their silence, regrets, dreams… .
    First, the African culture is quite different, but interesting and we can feel reading the book the real heart and spirit.
    Second, the stories are written by many authors who come from North to South, so maybe different perceptions about style of lives. Finally, at the end the reader can understand that the main or second character must always pay a price for being in peace.

    This book is very interesting and amusing because you can discover how African people live. Each tale is different from each other and you can understand the thoughts of people from various countries : from North to South. The language can be understood easily, but “The road to Migowi “ for me , is the only one that has more than one end, every one could write a different comprehension .
    In general, I will recommend “The price of peace “like a philosophical tale where you can discover the way of live in different countries, with different writers and styles.
    The best conclusion is that book could be the beginning of new literature about Africa’s life, because now you need to dive in their behaviours. The worst thing ,was at first I didn’t understand why we must pay for every thing, but real life is real life and everybody has a price

  8. i need a summary of the story “two sisters”
    it is difficult to write it alone.. english is not my first language..

    i have to make a powerpointpresentation .

    someone here who can help me?

  9. Sorry, Leo. Students are not reading this amazing book this year. In any case, it’s good you posted your request, just in case someone can help!
    Best of luck! 🙂 Greetings from Spain

  10. please i would love to have a summary of blood feuds
    i can’t find anything 🙂

  11. i need summary of tow sisters is it there some one to help me 😥

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