The Woman in White

For many, this is the first detective story ever written.

Compelling reading, impossible to put down.

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15 responses to “The Woman in White

  1. What an intriguing novel! What a complex plot! And then, when everything seems lost, a genuinely happy ending.

  2. It’s a really interesting and entertainig entertaining book. When you start you can’t stop reading it because of its plot and the characters, who are very well characterized. What I most like of the book is the mistery mystery that surrounds Blackwater Park and the character of Marian, and if I have to criticize some part of the book, it will be the ending. The book finishes suddenly, leaving too many questions without an answer.

  3. Silvia García

    In my opinion the book is interesting and it is not difficult to understand. For me, it is not a real mystery book, at least the ending no is isn’t clear, but I recommend it; If you want to know why, you´ll have to read it.

  4. I liked the book since I read the first page. The plot has mystery, intrigue and a story in the past, which you are impatient to discover. I recommend you it I recommend it to you, I think you’ll enjoy with its reading.

  5. Silvia Perdomo

    The book is very interesting. The writer has reflected the hard role women had in the 19th century. They were sbmited submitted everywhere to their hunsbands husbands‘authority. Beyond doubt it was a hard century for europeen European women. Nowadays this women’situation continue continues, even in Europe.
    Apart from that, the book mixes intrigue and mistery mystery and it keeps our attention through different characters. These characters are exclusively only situated at on the good or bright side or at on the bad or dark side. Hapiness will be the objective.

  6. Carmina Jurado

    In my opinion, it´s a story where the author builds up suspense from the first to the last page of the narration. The writer draws perfectly the psichologicalpsychological profile of their his characters. The Good oppositte against the Evil. I love especially Marian´s character . She is really inteligent inelligent and self-confident. Mariam faces up to her society with her attitude. I have no doubt about recommending the book!

  7. Cristina Cantero

    This book tells us about how women life was what women’s life was like in the near past. The most important idea I found was about how women, even owners of an important amount of money, had to live under the rules of men: either their father or their husband.
    The most interesting character is Marian. She’s less pretty and poorest
    poorer than her sister, Laura, but stronger and more intelligent. But Walter chooses the prettiest one to fall in love with and the most intelligent to be his best friend. I wasn´t very surprised ofabout it.
    The plot is really interesting but as it is an adapted version I think we lost a lot of details to understand better the storythe story better. I hope to be able of reading I’ll be able to read the real version some time.

  8. Hi Cristina,
    I definitely agree with you, about women at that time, about the stereotype of women then , and about the things that are missing because it is an adaptation.


  9. Hi Carmina,

    Yours was a great comment. Suspense is the best element the book has, and Marian the most attractive character.

    See you,


  10. Hi Silvia,

    Thank God, women’s position in society has changed a lot since the 19th century. Unfortunately, there’s still a long way to go, particularly in countries in the Third World.
    You are right about the mis of intrigue and mystery, it’s the best thing in the book.

    See you,


  11. Hi Belén,

    I’m glad you liked the book. It’s true it’s mysterious and intriguing. ou could have a go at Wilkie Collins’s other novel, “The Moonstone”, it’s as good as this one.

    See you


  12. Hi Silvia,

    It’s great you found the book interesting and easy to read. Read in English as much as you can, it’s a pleasure and you will learn a lot without making a big effort.



  13. Hi Hector,

    You really caught the atmosphere of the book, one of mystery and darkness. If you feel that the book ends too suddenly, it is because it is an adaptation and they have taken away too many details so as to make it shorter.

    Best wishes


  14. Hi!!

    In my opinion this book is the most interesting English book that I’ve ever read. The characters are mysterious, the plot is really good and the ending is amazing. I couldn’t stop to read it. I recommend everybody to read it.

  15. Sara Garzón


    I’ve never read a book like this in English and I quite liked! Reading a well-done book it’s not easy nowadays because authors usually forget about characters’’ personality. It’s necessary to develop them in order to make an interesting plot. That’s what happens in “The woman in White” and that’s why I read it easily. I hope you to have enjoyed this book like me.



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