A video poem including Blake’s “Tyger, tyger”



8 responses to “A video poem including Blake’s “Tyger, tyger”

  1. This is such a great story within the poetry.
    Very touching

  2. Hi, kseverny! Great to read your post. I love it too. What’s the use of art if we do not connect it to life? I love it. It’s full of life. With all the complexities in life. With no “should’s” and other bullshit, but just some of the fundamental stuff in life.

  3. Hi there, dear all!

    I’m totally moved. I’ve got so much to say, I won’t, I suppose.

    I love the Net. I found Blake’s poem, the etching. I had the chance to see it in Madrid, live! What a blow!


  4. I wrote a minisaga inspired on this video poem. Don’t read it if you haven’t watched it first. It’s not worth it. It would spoil all the wonder!

    DON’T READ IT!!! (I’m posting it on next comment to prevent you from “accidentally” reading it!)


  5. Tyger, tyger (burning bright in the forests of the night)

    The night is of a velvety dark blue because it has been raining. There is a black man, a sad orange tiger, begging on the sad cold pavement.

    With the coins, he buys a cuddly lamb for a girl passing by, craving for sweet caress.

    I feel lonely and connected.

  6. It’s a moving video, of course. I was shocked by the end although we talked about it in class. Thanks

  7. we talked about it at class but I could’t imagine how was it until I saw it. I ‘m moved. It made me think that we are too used to homelless people and we don’t pay attetion anymore. So, I felt guilty also..
    thanks for posting it!

  8. Hi there!
    It’s great to read you Inma and rocio, too!
    About guilt, I really think that feeling guilty is something we shouldn’t afford, like not controlling our fear. Feeling guilty doesn’t help at all… It doesn’t help you to feel better and it doesn’t help homeless people.
    So we can we do to stop feeling guilty?
    Good question, right? Mmm… That’s a hard question, but we should find an answer!
    Let me start a little investigation with…
    Do doctors feel guilty when their patients get worse or die?

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