The Happy Prince

B1 students have read this moving tale by Oscar Wilde. It was only written in the 19th century and it’s already a classic. We’d love to read your comment!


13 responses to “The Happy Prince

  1. The book of ” The Happy Prince” is a short story. This story is about the prince and the swallow that teaches values of generosity and friendship. That story is very nice to read because it´s educational.

  2. I like the story of The Happy Prince very much because it is a very nice fable of friendship, but is very sad because the swallow dies.


    We think that The Happy Prince is a very sad story because the swallow and the Happy Prince died. They are very good.The Happy Prince gives his two sapphires, his ruby and his gold to poor people.The swallow helps the prince because it loves him.

  4. They Happy Prince is a very beautiful story . It is about a swallow. It flies over the statue of the Happy Prince. It is a golden statue.
    The story es very sad because the swallow dies at the end.

  5. The story of the Happy Prince is very sad , because the swallow dies and the prince´s heart breaks.
    It is a very short story but it contains an important moral for all people that teaches us to live with love and see the really l important things in the world and in life .

  6. yami ,alberto, ana

    The Happy Prince is a different book . The story of the swallow and the statue tells how they help the poor people . The book has a very sad ending. I don’t like it.

  7. Montse and Vicky

    We think that story is very sad.
    The moral of the story is very interesting, because the two protagonists prefer to die to help people.
    We like the pictures of the book very much.
    The world needs more statues of the Happy Prince.

  8. concha y elena

    It’s a wonderful story with a good moral about the goodness of the Happy Prince and the great friendship between him and the swallow.

  9. Fatima y Angela

    We like The Happy Prince very much.It is very moving story.This story tells us of friendship and love for the people.They sacrifice themselves for the poor of the city.

  10. I liked the story of the little swallow and the Happy Prince, for its undertone. It is a story about solidarity towards others and friendship (between the swallow and the Prince). How the Prince tries to help the poor people of the town, from being a beautiful statue to becoming a damaged statue. The swallow leaves its migration and dreams of travelling to Egypt to help the prince to end poverty, although this will cause its death. I think this book is a moral lesson that everybody should learn, and help others.

  11. This is a story of friendship of a statue of the Happy Prince and the little swalow. It tells that in their city people have very misery.
    The Happy Prince wants to give his jewel to a poor person and he tells the little swallow not to go to Egypt with his friends.

    So the Happy Prince looks very ugly and the little swalow dies near his feet. The happy Prince melts in a fornace, but the heart does not melt. The story has a great moral.

  12. This is a short story about The Happy Prince and a swallow.
    The sincere love and the beautiful friendship that joins them, in the end can help poor people in the city.
    This friendship can live forever.

  13. I liked The Happy Prince a lot.It is a moving story. The story tell us about the poverty and poor people in the city and it says that you can help other people with your love and goodwill.

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