Sherman Alexie on The Absolute True Diary…

Watch Sherman Alexie (Smoke Signals and…) reading an excerpt from “The Absolute True Diary of a Part-Time Indian” (by clicking on the previous link you can read three more excerpts in comments we posted!)


5 responses to “Sherman Alexie on The Absolute True Diary…

  1. I love this guy. I had never heard him speak, but he’s as funny as in his books. But… getting a boner out of finding a great idea is kind of… surprising!!! What are women supposed to get?

  2. I loved this audio book. Had to read it for a young adult library class. It was great.

  3. Hi, Diane! Hey, I didn’t know it had an audiobook! Thanks for the info! I read the novel, and I love it, too.

  4. If anyone reads this , this is what I think of Sherman Alexie and his poetry- His lively poetry plenty of Rhythm and humor.

    This is sthe only way to get to society heart, to express the bitterness of being a talented person that have to fight for others to know. The same as a character in a book. Good Technique.

    Mr. Alexie so, uses the sense of humor to denounce a so taugh situation as painfull to be listened to. the most effective way to denounce, to complain, and to allowed to do so, seems to be laughting or maiking other laugh. Doing it like a comedy.
    A commedy of what? of oureselves as audience, participants of the events. Don’t you agree?

  5. Hi there!
    Yes, critical thinking is never allowed. So humor is a great way to present things – and a loving way to do so, in many ways. At least it does not hurt the person doing the critical thinking! 🙂

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