The Gods Must Be Crazy (1980)

One of the funniest, most constructively intelligent and tenderest movies ever! You learn about the very nonviolent Bush people in a desert in Africa, you learn about our very violent world in contrast (but the film shows no nasty scenes) and also about what is important in life. You laugh your head off in natural ways, not compulsively. It’s a must, people!
The beginning is kind of misleading. It sounds and looks like a documentary. It’s like a Background Information intro. But then we get the story, or stories, so real, so human that you realize most things we see are not!
This movie, or series of movies (it’s got 3 parts or so) contains insightful material, hilarious stories, that allow you to realize those obvious things we’ve forgotten about! Kindness and solidarity survive and develop in a world where the gods have gone nuts!
It all begins with a bushman finding an empty bottle of… Are the gods crazy? Have you seen this awesome movie? (They’re showing it these days on pay TV)


One response to “The Gods Must Be Crazy (1980)

  1. Wonderful, really enjoyable and interesting.

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