Laugh (a singing poem)

For Avanzado 2 students, here is this amazing poem on laughter by Zena Edwards (British – Caribbean English – thanks, Dave! 😉 ). In the Monday group this week we read Sorrentino’s “There’s a man in the habit of hitting me on the head with an umbrella” and ended up talking about happiness… I thought you might all enjoy this. Oh, feel free to post your comments (do so! do so! 😀 ) and also… why don’t we try to write down bits of it? Here I go… Just the beginning…


2 responses to “Laugh (a singing poem)

  1. “To crack up” means to start laughing like crazy!

    Dunno if this is right. I’ll try to get a cyberfriend to check this out! 🙂

    Buzz up, crease up, bend up, mash up, crack up, twist up, bend up, crack up — the laugh
    Howling like a wolf with the moon
    grinning like a field of daisies in full bloom
    as I buzz up, I crease up, bend up and I mash up,
    crack up and I buzz up, twist up and I bend up — the laugh
    like all the leaves on a tree flipping over in a breeze
    with the energy of a wave turned over and open
    Seize the laugh

  2. It’s good for your sanity
    It’s a pleasure that comes for free
    The laugh – do it so your heart do(es)n’t freeze

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