Zeitgeist: Addendum

Eli (Av2) sent us this amazing video: a 2-hour documentary, which is an addendum to a movie, Zeitgest. It’s name is Zeitgeist: Addendum (Watch it and tell us what you think!).
Both are fine examples of Artivism (notice the lexical creativity: this newly created word blends Art + Activism).
Some of the deep questions that might come up: Do you fit in society? Or are you being dehumanized by money? More practical questions: How do inflation and debt work? Is the money there is, real? What would happen if everybody were able to pay off their debts?
Please, share your views!


2 responses to “Zeitgeist: Addendum

  1. well, here you have a two-hours video… I think it’s very interesting and it’s worths the trouble as you are going to learn things you have been asking yourself many years….and at the same time…you learn useful english words…¡¡¡


  2. Step by step: I can’t watch it all in a go, because it’s so full of important stuff! But let me jot down over here some of the ideas and words it has, in case you’re interested both in reading them and in doing the same! 🙂
    Idea: The changes we have witnessed do not allow us to go back to the old order… But violence still prevails…
    Quote: “It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society”
    Society Today & the Monetary System – an unquestioned form of faith nowadays.
    1% owns 40%
    40,000 children day a day from poverty and preventable diseases.
    The 50% of the world’s population lives on 2 dollars a day.
    “One thing is clear: something is very wrong”
    Transcript: “Therefore, understanding this institution of monetary policy is critical to understanding why are lies the way they are. Unfortunately, economics is often viewed with confusion and boredom. Endless streams of financial jargon, coupled with intimidating mathematics quickly deters people from attempts at understanding. However, the fact is the complexity associated with the financial system is a mere mass designed to conceal one of the most socially paralizing structures humanity has ever endured.”

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