Rare Superman Comic to Be Auctioned Off

Superman was created by two teenagers from Cleveland, Jerry Siegel (writer) and Joe Shuster (artist). They failed to convince comics publishers and newspapers to print their stories until Superman finally made his first appearance in ACTION COMICS #1, cover date June 1938.
Listen to the news and feel free to post your comments! Thanks!
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2 responses to “Rare Superman Comic to Be Auctioned Off

  1. Mónica Av2

    This podcast has reminded me my classes of popular culture at the university! Yes, I studied things like comics, TV series or films… and I think they are very interesting because they are a mirror of the society of the moment. OK, I´m not telling you all my life 😛 ..only somethimg about Superman’s one 🙂

    Do you know that the character of the masked fighters just existed in the XVIII Century? But the first superheroe was Superman because, up to that moment, none of those “heroes” had got fantastic powers or abilities; they were only swordsmen or something like that –really gifted ones , but nothing more.

    Superman was created in America by two young Jewish inmigrants – is it only chance that Superman is an “inmigrant” too? (from Kripton, but an inmigrant in any case).
    This superheroe was born in the 30’s, the age of the Maffia in Chicago. Because of that, specialists of the comics think that Superman was so succesful: American people needed to believe in someone that could do justice, that kept their hopes of a better world (how American, doesn´t it?)…and there Superman was: the perfect heroe with his perfect muscles, his impeccable moral and his amazing powers… and the most important: spite their fantastic habilities, he was a person. He worked as a journalist and fell in love with Lois Lane (without very succesful in his daily life, I have to add). That is to say, he belonged to the society, he was a citizen, like the people who read their adventures.

    Superman inaugurated the Golden Age of the superheroes and, after him, others characters were created: Batman, Fantastic Four,…
    … and that´s a my little contribution to the knowledge of the world of Superman although, personally, I prefer Spiderman 😛

  2. Hahahah… Wow, Mónica!!! Thanks so much for sharing! It’s SO interesting!
    I prefer Spiderman too, and I love the looks of Wonderwoman… Once, I checked out a website with surveys on superheroes and… guess what… Spiderman was a favorite of most of us all!
    “What’s Spiderman got, then?” I wondered…
    I love the actor who plays his part. He’s really cute. I think we might like him because he’s kind of hopeless, or something. What do you think?

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