What Shall We Read? (A1)

We are looking for a book to read this semester for our A1 group. If you are in this class, share your ideas and recommend one book we can read in class.

If you are in any other class, feel free to post your suggestions!


15 responses to “What Shall We Read? (A1)

  1. Ruben Jimenez Benito

    I prefer a book with film, because if I can´t finish it I would see the film in English. Then I will be able to speak with my classmates about the book without losing this time in calss. A good idea for me is The history of Benjamin Button, for example.

  2. I really loved “How to be an alien” by George Mikes. It’s quite easy to be read and very entertaining.

  3. Estela Hernández

    We could read “1984” by George Orwell. It’s easy to find in the libraries and on the web and very interesting.

  4. Juan de Dios Chamorro

    “The importance of being Earnest” by Oscar Wilde

  5. Rebeca Montalvo

    I don’t mind the subject of the book very much althougth I would like reading books about love.I think that we are agree that we don’t have enough time to read bigger books so I would prefer to read two thinner books with a lot of vocabulary than a bigger one.

  6. “The curious incident of the dog in the night-time” This book was a presant from my brother and looks interenting, I’ll read it soon.

  7. I would like reading some play by Sheakespeare, as Hamlet, Otello or Romeo and Juliet. If these plays are difficult for us, as they migth be in original version, maybe some adapted versions could be suitable for us.

  8. vera lucia rodrigues

    I prefer to read a suspense original version because most of them are gripping. Moreover, our level is advanced, therefore, in my opinion, we are able to read a big and difficulty book.

  9. Alejandro Alvarez

    I would like to read some easy book by Arthur Conan Doyle such as “The lost world” because I find his books very interesting.

  10. Ilike to read book s about mistery and murders so “the Hound of Baskervilles” from Doyle.
    If not, i would suggest books f rom Agatha Christie “Murder in Orient Express”.

    I thinK these authors are easy to read in English.

  11. Enrique Bodega

    I agree with Juan, The importance of being Earnest is quite funny and easy to read and it is one of the most important books of the English literature. How to be an alien would be also a good choice.

  12. I agree with Ana,I would like to read “How to be an alien”,it’s really amusing.
    Another choice would be “Whiteout” written by Ken Follet.

  13. Hi there!
    Sorry to interrupt… I read above you were suggesting Agatha Christie, the Orient Express novel, and being a fan of hers (at the moment I’m reading her autobio), and knowing about the difficulties in language learning, I’d suggest, if it’s OK with you, that if you read her, you start with “The Murder of Roger Ackroyd” (unabridged, of course! 🙂
    The story is told as if written in a diary, which makes things easier, I think. And you get tons of useful language for the description of every day movements and actions and all that. On the minus side, well, it’s 368 pages. But you know Agatha… it’s an easy read, really. I mean, don’t expect much — it’s light, not deep… But it is great entertainment! 🙂

  14. I don’t really mind what to read or watch but I would like something that makes some contribution to our culture level.
    Both the book and the film were great in my opinion.

  15. Arancha Hernández

    I have found a web page where we can download the book that we choose to read this semester: http://www.literature.org/authors/doyle-arthur-conan/study-in-scarlet/

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