The House On Mango Street

This original book tells us the story of  Esperanza, a girl growing up in a strange world and trying to look for her own place.

Have you read the book? What did you think of it?

Would you recommend it to other students?

Feel free to post your comments. We are interested in your opinion!

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15 responses to “The House On Mango Street

  1. rebeca montalvo

    Being sincere,I have to say that this is the first time I have read a whole book.The other times,I had try it but finally I gave up the idea.I like The house on Mango street because althought it has a lot of vocabulary you can read it very quickly and i think this is the most importand thing.

  2. Itziar de la Villa García

    In my opinion, The House on Mango Street is an original story, and it’s quite easy to read. But, it was difficult for me to understand the true meaning of some chapters.

  3. Estela Hernández

    I found the book very funny and easy to read. I liked each little chapter, but I was unable to understand the real meaning of the stories.

  4. I had to read twice because of the gaps that exist between the chapters and the variety of the characters. But the second time was better and I really enjoyed the book. It shows the culture shock and the feelings of the inmigrants from their fears to hopes.

  5. Juan de Dios Chamorro

    This book is made up of simple structures because it is narrated by a young girl, and this fact makes you read the book easily. However, the real problem was to find out the connection between chapters, this was the reason why I had to read it twice.
    It shows us her culture, feelings and hopes using a great deal of vocabulary.
    In my opinion, this book is both entertaining and educational.

  6. I really liked the book. It is different to another books that I have read for English classes and I recommed to read it.

  7. Because of the way of writing the book, people don’t like the book very much.
    People usually like connections between charpets.
    I like the book because I am very worried for the way of living of people without money and the author transmits this felling very well.

  8. Miguel Angel Garcia Lopez

    from my point of view this book is difficult to understand once, you should read at least twice.The plot is suitable to understand how the mexicans live in the US.

  9. The first time I read it, I was expecting something to happen, a link line between the different stories, but this is not the idea of this book. Then I read it a second time, and the feeling was different. I found characters enough interesting in every story, with a point of naïve poetry in each one. The book shows a hard life style, full of cultural borders, seen trough innocent but determined eyes .

  10. vera lucia rodrigues

    Although, this book is a original version, it is easy to read it is written in a simply speech, its chapters are short. It is about the mexican inmmigration in USA, the main character is a girl, who wants to escape from her surrounding. She introduces us to her neibourghood, its diffilcuties and traditions. But, she will never escape from it because it is part of her.

  11. Alejandro Alvarez

    From my point of view, I found it rather boring. I really didn’t like this book. I don’t know, but for some reason, this book really disappointed me, may be because of the way it is written or the plot itself.

    In addition, I think the book was hard to follow, it was full of good metaphors (some of the best I’ve ever heard) on the contrary, but I think that the lack of a link between the different stories makes it little interesting.

  12. Cristina Rubio

    Perhaps it is an interesting book but I didn’t understand it until Mamen explained it in class. And I promise I tried. I think it was because there are different stories and they don’t have anything in commun.
    But anyway I will read it again and maybe this time I see what the author wanted to mean when she wrote the book.

  13. i think i haven’t read a book like this before and i have enjoyed the experience.

    the way it has been written is really original althoug you can get lost if you don’t read it in a short time.
    i find also interesting the topic and somehow it remided me tha situation of inmigrants here in Spain.

    In conclusion, The House on Mango Street is a nice book to read and not very difficult, but i’ll prefer the next one would be funnier, please 🙂

  14. Enrique Bodega

    I think that The House on Mango street is a book write for spanish readers, it’s short and easy to read, in fact I read it in an hour more or less. The plot is good and it colud be very usefull if we stop and think about it quietly but a little bit confusing and a little bit boring in some parts of the book.
    In short, is a good but a little bit extrange and confusing, so it could become boring.

  15. From my point of view, the book has more information that it seems when I read it the first time.When I read the book the second time I realize that she describes perfectly the Mexican culture and her feelings through the characters.I like the way she writes some chapters, because they have been written like a poetry book.

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