Real Women Have Curves

Winner of the Dramatic Audience Award at the 2002 Sundance Film Festival, this HBO Films comedy/drama tells the story of 18-year-old Ana (America Ferrera), a first-generation Mexican-American from East Los Angeles, who struggles to strike a balance between her mainstream ambitions and her more traditional cultural heritage as she attempts to forge her own path in life.

Have you seen this movie?  What do you think about it?

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16 responses to “Real Women Have Curves

  1. Ruben Jimenez Benito

    I have seen the film today and it was better than I expect. It was really intersting and it´s one of the first films in english I understand. In my opinion, it´s easy to follow the plot because they sometimes speak Spanish.

  2. Itziar de la Villa García

    I like this interesting film about women and inmigration. I was really surprised about Ana’s mum ideas, because she doesn’t want to change a bit her mind to understand her daughter. On the other hand, it was not too difficult to understand the dialogues.

  3. I want to point out ther relationship between the main character and her mother and how mother’s fear would lead her to make the wrong decision. However Ana feel secure as she is despiste her short experience.

  4. Miguel Angel Garcia Lopez

    This film shows us about the inmigration in American cities near Mexican border such as Los Angeles where the population almost speak two languages. It is easy to follow without subtitles because during the film speak spanish.It is suitable for beginners.

  5. The most interesting about the film is the decision that Ana has to take, as she feels divided between what she thinks is the loyalty to her family and the posibility of broaden her own world. This duality is reperesented by their parents, her father trying to improve her quality of life, and her mother who is anchored in their deep culture. It´s difficult for her, but she makes the right decision. Her mother seems to be very selfish, but I think it’s not really her fault

  6. vera lucia rodrigues

    This comedy show us about the inmigration and the relationship between the main and her surrounding. She wants to be free and improve her life while her mother wants her to be anchored in old mexican traditions, a chauvinist one. Finally, she achives to convice her father and goes to University with a scholarship.

  7. Alejandro Alvarez

    The film is a hard look at a Mexican-American teenage girl who lives in Los Angeles with her working class family, who must decide between working in her sister’s clothing factory or going to study at a university in New York. Her demanding mother wants her to work with her sister but she wants to go to study to New York.

    I saw the film last Friday and I found it quite interesting. The dialogues were easy to understand and fascinating due to the variety of cultures on it. The plot was very interesting as well. I do recommend this film.

  8. In my opinion, the movie i’ts a very good complemet to the book The House on Mango Steet .There are scenes similar to some chapters from the book.

    Appart from this, some situations are very funny !(the best for me is the mother from Ana explaining she is pregnat).
    However, this is a drama film and problems are constantly from the begining to the end.Althoug it has a happy ending and that’s what l liked the most.

  9. Rocio Barrientos Montes

    This movie is worthwhile to see it in order to show us how people behave in other parts of the world. I reallly like to learn about other cultures.

    It would be very interesting if we could open our minds and realise that not everybody do the same, and that doesn’t mean that they are strange, in my opinion these differences are needed and make the world interesting.

  10. Enrique Bodega

    It was a film easy to understand and the plot was quite good, so I like it. But I think that the ending is a little bit extrange, you don’t know if the main character suceed in new york or if the ralationship betwen the mother and the main character would change.

  11. Rebeca Montalvo

    Yesterday I saw the film and I have to say that I liked.Firstly, I like the message of the film.It doensn’t matter the pyisical appearance of the girl but the attempts to change her own world and improve her life.Above all I like the mixture between the Spanish and the English in the film,it makes the film interesting and more easy to understand.But on the other hand ,I think the film would need something to make it special.

  12. Juan de Dios Chamorro

    There were some funny scenes and the plot was good enough. However, I think that the film was predictable and as a result the film was slow.

  13. The film is easy to understand because they also speak Spanish.I like the movie because it shows the culture and the real life of an inmigrant family whit simple characters in a funny an entertaining way.

  14. In my opinion, the movie is too much typical, I mean, we see a very stereotyped mexican family with the same problems as always; can’t anybody represent inmigrants in another way?

  15. Lidia Garcia Cuenca

    It’s a enjoy film, I liked because it is easy to understand because there is a mexican family and they speak in spanish, but the final, in my opinion, I think is a little bit extrange because the film ends and you don’t know what happens with the girl in New York. But the thing that I liked so much was when all the seamstresses got undressed and they were happy with their bodyes.

  16. Anaaa don’t say that about the film !! although you think it’s a typical mexican family film, it’s a good one to pass a good time and improve our level.
    Don’t be so cruuuel 😉

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