The Debutante

“The Debutante” is a short story written by the Surrealist writer and painter Leonora Carrington. You can read the 2-page story here, and then listen to it too. You will also find a video version of a story, by a fan of Carrington’s! Then you can post your questions/comments, or you could even try to write a Surrealist story and post it here for corrections!


2 responses to “The Debutante

  1. I’ve seen the video , read the story and listened to The Debutante. I found it easy to read but difficult to understand, I mean, surrealism is difficult especcially if you visualize the scene, which sometimes is not nice. I’m not used to reading this kind of litereature even thoug I love reading and I do so a lot.

  2. Watch this! It’ll help a bit. And this: The thing is, Leonora belonged to a very rich British family. In her 18th birthday, she had to be taken to Buckingham Palace to be “offered to the marriage market” — that is the meaning of being a Debutante! Leonora was already an artist then, and not into that kind of socializing, so she was extremely pissed off!
    🙂 Watch the video. Leonora speaks and then someone tells the story and then she speaks again!

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