The Return of Sherlock Holmes

Do you like intrigue, suspense and unexpected endings? If you said ues you are going to enjoy these Sherlock Holmes stories.


13 responses to “The Return of Sherlock Holmes

  1. It´s an interesting and exciting book. The 3 stories are very easy to read. Sherlock Holmes is fantastic and solves the cases too fast. I recommend the book if you want to enjoy some amusing stories.

  2. I like it very much because it is a very entertaining book. It has three interesting stories, but I prefer the first because there are more characters and the facts happen in different places. I recommend you to read this book because you will have a good time.

  3. About The Return of Sherlock Holmes, I think it´s a very interesting book. I like the first story, because when you start you can´t stop reading. I think the last story is the best because the vocabulary in it is easier for me.

  4. Carmen Breña

    I enjoyed reading this book. It was easy to read and entertaining. There are three diferent cases to solve by Sherlock Holmes. The first case has the most complicated and interesting plot. The second one is funnier than the other two, there is no crime in it and the main character has a strange behaviour. The third case is more romantic and Holmes was involved at the end of the story to send a letter to the Russian Embassy.

  5. I liked it. It is always interesting reading about Sherlock Holmes. The book consists of three stories, the vocabulary is very easy and the argument is very exciting. It is very entertaining to try to discover who the murder is before Holmes does . I recommend you the book.

  6. This book has three of the most interesting cases of Sherlock Holmes. The last chapter is more interesting than the others, but the others are also good. I like this chapter because Sherlock Holmes is very clever and he looks at all the details carefully.

  7. This book is the best English book that I’ve read. The stories are very interesting. I couldn’t stop reading because it is a book full of suspense.
    This book has been very easy to read.
    I would like Sherlock Holmes to really exist. I love him.

  8. I like the book because I love reading mystery books. I prefer the first chapter because it´s a story with enough intrigue in these facts. I recomend the book because you are learning English and you have a good time.


    We are satisfied with this book , It´s the best book that we´ve read in English so far, because the three stories are very interesting and entertaining . We prefer the last story because the people in the story are very realistic and the argument has murder , mystery, love and hate .

    And the way to solve the mystery is very clever. We are looking forward to reading more books as interesting as this. As it`s an adaptation it is easy to read and very entertaining.

  10. It’s a very interesting book because Holmes is a clever detective. His cases are difficult but he knows how to find the murderer, the thief…He’s a good man, very intelligent but humble. Watson is a doctor and a good friend of Holmes, Sherlock says “I need a friend today”. It’s a book to enjoy. I’d like to read other stories of Sherlock Holmes and Watson.

  11. Maria y Dori

    This book is more interesting than the last book, because it’s entertaining and dynamic.The first story, about the busts of Napoleon” , is more unusual than other stories because we didn´t imagine that the pearl could be in the bust. And the last story, like the first, was easy to read. There was a secret place and strange people with different lives and the killer didn´t do it on purpose, it was an accident.
    Mr. Holmes always finds the killer.

  12. I think this book is very entertaining, because there are stories with new words, and it is easy to understand. My favourite is the second one , I have read it in a little time, and I liked it.

  13. Daniel Gonzalez

    I like this book very much. I learnt a lot of vocabulary reading this book but I didn´t use the dictionary. The first story is my favourite because in the second and in the third the writer introduces new elements almost at the end. But I like the three.

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