The Grapes of Wrath

Have you read this book? It’ s one of the greatest and most moving American books.

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30 responses to “The Grapes of Wrath

  1. I haven’t been able to read this book yet, but I hope it will be interesting and funny.

  2. I´m reding this book and it´s very sad

  3. I definetely agree with what (the) Teachers say. I’d like to add that this book also helped raise people’s awareness of a few social issues. Like Harriet Beecher Stowe’s “Uncle Tom’s Cabin”, which helped make lots of people understand slavery was a crime against humanity.
    I hope you enjoy the book, even if it makes you sad. 🙂

  4. Silvia García

    Hello! I haven’t finished the book yet, but for the moment I think the story is very sad. When I finish the book, I will see the film 🙂

  5. Zaida Alonso

    I have read this book and I think It’s a great novel.
    The writer emphasizes the value of justice and you can realize how migrants lived in that period and how they tried to improve their lives, going to California and leaving their own country.
    I liked it so much and I recommend this book to every one who wants to have a good time.

  6. The book shows the terrible situation lived during the Great Depression. It’s an example of solidarity among people who had nothing and were trying to survive at that difficult time.

  7. This book tells the story of a family who begin a trip to find steady work in order to live better. I’d like to emphasize the human values of people because when they don´t have anything it is when they share all their things with unknown people.
    It´s a real story,but hard and sad too.
    I had to look up a lot of words in the dictionary, so if you decide to read it, I recommend that you have a dictionary near you.

  8. This book shows us how people in trouble never lose hope. How poor people always have a little to share with others in worse situations.

    The story is about the Joad family’s struggle in their journey to the ‘Promised Land’: California. It wasn’t easy, but you’d better read it to find out for yourself.

    I recommend reading it. I’ll see the film as soon as I can.

  9. I think this book can teach us about sharing, friendship and the difficult situations of poor people in all times. It’s really sad, yes, but it isn’t a reason to say this is a bad book. On the contrary, you can learn a lot of things about good feelings and behaviour, and what is life like in an economic crisis.
    I thought, on the other hand, it’s a very good literature book and you must read it because it’s a classic and it’s pedagogic.

  10. This book shows injustice and all the bad things of the human being, but at the same time, it shows kindness and good values that men and women could have. It’s a very good book to read and learn about the history of the Great Depression of the United States through the journey of a poor family.

  11. Cristina In1

    The book shows the behaviour of the people in a limit situation: The Great Depression.
    On the one hand, the people who became poor, and never despaired. And on the other hand, the rich people of California, who tried to profit from the sad situation of some instead of helping them.

  12. I don´t recommend this book because it is so sad and tells the story of a dream that couldn´t be realized. The book shows a cruel life and human values that are necessary if you want to have a well-ballanced life.

  13. Laura López

    I think that the book isn´t the most interesting book that I’ve ever read, but it has a lot of things that makeyou think, so it makes you aware that your life is hard when you live a crisis.
    On the other hand, the author gives you a lot of details which aren´t necessary to tell the story.
    Finally, I recommend this book, to the people who like old stories.

  14. Sylvia Martínez

    I think that this book is very interesting because it shows the harsh reality of that period, the Great Depression in 1929. People lived for years without food, jobs, clothes…..They had to live day to day.
    Also this book is very useful if you want to know some of the consequences that the current crisis can have on us.
    So I recommend this book to people that are interested in these topics.

  15. Silvia García

    I finished the book last week and I liked it so much.
    The characters are a family who lived in Oklahoma and one day folks came with tractors and pushed them off the land. For their survival,they drove to California because some handbills said that there was work and high wages there.
    The family suffer very much and the people around too, but they helped each other to survive.
    Is a very sad story and I recommend this book to all people.
    It is real life!

  16. I like this book very much because it shows the real situation of the 1930’s, it is very sad and realistic. The book tells the story of the Joad family. They have to leave their house to look for a new and better life. I recommend this book to all people!

  17. It’s an interesting story about a great crisis in the 1930’s. It shows us a very hopeful and helpful family of fighters.

  18. I liked to discover this book. I’m going to try to read the original version, because I think it is very interesting and it’s in connection with things and facts happening nowadays.

  19. I´ve just finished the book and it seemed to me an interesting book because I´ve learnt a lot of things about that time of crisis.
    When I was reading the book, sometimes it made me sad because I thought about every thing that people had to live at that time, however, I liked it.
    It´s incredible the feeling of hope that the family have and how they got to survive.


    We like this book very much. If we compare this book with The Time Machine, this book is more realistic, and it comments on several problems which a lot of poor people have to survive.
    This book tells a sad story and when you finish to read it, you feel a lot of things and you don´t expect this end.

  21. María Sánchez

    I don´t like this book because it is a very sad story, and the end is very simple, after the cruel situation that they lived. The story has a lot of interesting things about life, and the family that you can understand, and also about the important decisions that you should take along your life, although the conditions are bad, and you don´t have anything, like a sentence in the book: “You may have lost everything, but the family stays together”.

  22. I think that the main idea of this book is that we must never lose hope and although today all things go bad, the future will be better.This book says to us family and friendship are very important to overcome all kinds of problems.


    I think this book is interesting because it discribes reality in 1939. People without work, without a place to live look for a better life.
    The book tells us about the Joad family, who begin a trip looking for a better place to keep the family together. Some of the people in the family dream of getting a job, others dream of studying something to be able to have a better life.
    The family goes from Oklahoma to California looking for this dream, but California is not a place to make their dreamscome true.
    The book shows us how important the family is, and how important to be together is. It describes us how this family begin to have less members after the death of grand-pa and grand-ma first, after Noah and Connie left the family… etc.
    I think the book doesn´t have an ending because I guess life in this family continues after the end.

  24. I think the book reflects quite well the down turn of the current economic situation, so it can help us to undestand what living a “New Great Depression” could mean.
    In the book the American population suffered from illness, hunger and other disadvantages that hit the poorest families coming from the West – and the richest regions of the country didn´t help these fellows.

    That real story tell us that when an economic situation hits a country the poorest class are the most vulnerable.

    Don´t waste your time .Take a chance at reading that book!!!

  25. This book shows the fight to survive and how the families left their houses, their lives, … so they can eat something. Also it shows the family is very important for survival and they can get what they want, but before they have to suffer bad times.
    That’s life!

  26. I think the book reflects quite well the down turn of the current economic situation, so it can help us to undestand what could mean to enter a “New Great Depression”.
    In the book the American population suffered from illness, hunger and other disadvantages that hit the poorest families coming from the West – and the richest regions of the country didn´t help these fellows.

    That real story tell us that when a economic situation hit a country the poorest class are the most vulnarable.

    Don´t waste your time .Take a chance of reading that book!!!

  27. Well, if you´re thinking about reading this book, you must know that it´s a sad and hard story. But the characters will teach us how, in the worst situations, the people can be honest (and others can take advantage of their honesty…) There is no reward for this honesty, except dignity, and it´s dignity which makes our characters keep alive and with hope for a better life, in a hopeless world.

  28. We just posted a video on Steinbeck and The Grapes of Wrath, in case you are interested. Here is the direct link:

  29. Silvia Perdomo

    “Uncle John said, ‘We’ve never been paupers before.’ ‘Maybe we have to learn,’ Tom said. ‘We never were forced off our land before’.” For me, these sentences include the meaning of this novel. I think that’s the writer’s report. The paupers become more paupers because the injustices increase. The story of the Joad family is the story of a great injustice that grows page by page.

  30. If I had to emphasize some passage of the book, I remain with the last chapter. Certainly it is necessary to read before the rest of the book to understand it, but in the impressive scene that closes the novel there is gathered the greatness that Humanity has in the worst situations.

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