How to Be an Alien

This is a classic of English humour enjoyed by people all around the world. Go ahead and tell us your opinion.

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18 responses to “How to Be an Alien

  1. I like this book because it is very funny and I read it very fast. This book shows the typical things and customs of English people.

  2. I don´t like this book. This is an easy book to read, but the writer’s humour is very difficult to understand.

  3. It’s a very entertaining book. The author criticizes the British customs, but he uses the typical British humour to do it. He is a very British alien.

  4. This is a funny book. This book shows what English people are like with a pinch of humor. It is very easy to read.

  5. I don´t like this book, because it hasn’t got a plot , some chapters are very difficult to understand. The only advantage is that it shows life inEngland.

  6. I don’t understand this book. I don’t know English humor. I’ll read it once more to understand it. I’ll visit England soon!

  7. It is a book I don’t like because it has a lot of information and at the moment to explain it in English it is a bit difficult. I prefer a book that tells stories. Also I have to say that this book has enough entertaining commentaries.

  8. I don´t like it because I don´t understand English humour. I think they are different from Spanish people, and their customs are different too. Some things are funny, for example when he speaks about the bus drivers.

  9. I don´t like the book because I don´t understand its humor. But I like the costums of English people and their obsession with the weather. Now I know that English people are more polite.

  10. I like How to be an Alien because it is a funny book and it has short chapters, then it is easy to read.

  11. I like it a lot because I think that this book is the truth about English humor.
    I think that Englih people are that wayand the country is well drawn by the author.
    In fact, I also think that it is good for pocket books if there are several plots or stories.
    My opinion in general is very good about “How to be an Alien”.

  12. I really enjoyed this book, even though the author was a foreigner who wanted to explain how strange English humor was, he managed to write a book with a great sense of English humor. The author was able to describe English people and their humor and special behaviour very well.


  14. This is very interesting book,but some chapters are difficult ,because we don´t understand English black humor and some habits.

  15. Sinuhé Alvarado

    I think this book is boring. I didn´t like this book because, I don´t understand English humor. My impression of English people isn´t good. They are arrogant. To them, the rest of the world doesn’t exist, their opinions don´t matter
    They live in an island and their world is an island.
    The vocabulary of this book is very interesting and completes my poor expressions.
    I think that all people in the world are different, each country has a different character, expressions and ways to understand life.

  16. This book is a little boring, I didn´t like it because English humour isn´t as good as Spanish humour and I didn´t understand some things about it.

    I like that the vocabulary is easy and it´s interesting to read although the writer talks about the typical English society.

  17. I read this book and think that it is an interesting book and sometimes is funny but I think that the author tries to criticize the English lifestyle and personality. I enjoyed the book and I think that it is easy and funny to read.
    With this book you can learn about English people, how they live and what they think.
    People say that it´s a funny book, but I think that it´s a serious book, if I were an English man I wouldn´t like this book, I´m sure, because the author writes with humour but very he is very hard about English people.

  18. Carmen González

    I don`t like the book because I don`t understand this kind of humour. I think all people have strange things in every country, in Hungary too. He could write the strange things of his country for our information.

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