Tears of the Giraffe

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18 responses to “Tears of the Giraffe

  1. I recommend this book because you can enjoy yourself while you are reading. This book tells the adventures of a woman detective who researches the disappearance of a teenager,and the change in the detective´s life when she accepts to marry the kindest man in Botswana.It has several good descriptions of African scenery that you can use to imagine things.
    My favorite character is Mr. JLB Matekoni because he is a very kind man who is in love with a detective woman

  2. This book is very interesting, with a simple language you can learn about life in a country in the South of Africa, and learn vocabulary.

  3. I like this book because I have tried my English reading. I have liked some thoughts of the character about their life.

  4. Cristina Díaz

    The end is very beautiful, when Mma. Ramotswe says to the son of the missing boy that a giraffe gives its tears because a giraffe has nothing else to give. All the people should read this book and learn the way of life of Mma. Ramotswe and her friends. They live without luxury but they are very happy and they try to help other people.

  5. It is an interesting book and also I think that it’s easy to read.
    The book is about the adventures of a woman who is a detective in Botswana and her life.
    You can have a great time if you read the book, so come on!

  6. This book is very interesting, with a simple language you can learn about life in a country in South of Africa called Botwana and learn vocabulary too.

    With this reading you can feel the kindness of the main character Mr. JLB Matekoni and the beatiful landscape.

  7. I´ve enjoyed a lot reading Tears of the giraffe because it´s an interesting story that takes place in Botswana, an amazing place. From my point of view, it´s a very good book to read if you want to enjoy yourself and learn about life in Africa, and know very interesting characters like Mma. Ramostwe and others. It´s easy to follow the story and understand the vocabulary. You also can listen to the story in a CD, which is useful, and at the same time you have fun.

  8. Hi students!
    I think so. “Tears of the Giraffe” is a good book for people that start to read in English, because it is easy to read, you don´t need to look up words in a dictionary all the time to understand this book and the stories are funny.
    I recommend to read this book!!

  9. Silvia Perdomo

    I agree with Paqui. Mi favourite character is Motholely. She is a girl with a hard life but she knows how to be happy. I recommend this book because the writer tells us hard stories, but he doesn’t forget the sense of humour. He speaks to us about sociology, ancient traditions, modern habits, economy in Botswana, also about the influences in this society of the external projects (the vegetable farm) and the difficulties of life in common.

  10. This is an interesting book about a woman who decides to work as a detective, which is unusual in Africa. She lives in Botswana an adventure looking for a lost boy. The scenery is so beautiful and you have an opportunity to discover another kind of life that is different from Spain.

  11. I have enjoyed myself a lot with this book because it is full of good feelings and funny situations. I recommend it because you can learn a bit of the African culture and Botswana, an African country where the people are very polite and friendly with everybody, and you can understand the right way to behave with the others.

  12. Laura y Diego

    I recommend this book cos it is an interesting method to learn English and improve your kwnolegde about the language. This book tells the story about a woman who investigates the disapearance of a young man.
    It is an enjoyable book because it tells different stories which are connected.

  13. The book is very interesting because you can learn vocabulary and different ways of life.
    It tells the story of the investigation of a detective woman about a son who had disapperead ten years before.
    Also the book shows the sensations of the mother and the rest of the family

  14. In my opinion this is a book that anybody who enjoys reading can read easily, because it tells several short stories, but a main one: the first female private detective’s life in Botswana.

    The writer lets the reader imagine every scene from the book, so he can get in the characters’ shoes and try to feel all the situations.

    I recommend this book because it makes you think how different life is depending on the country you were born. The story also shows that people need few things to be happy in poor countries and how they behave to each other, sharing whatever they have and offering help when it’s necessary.

  15. I think Tears of the Giraffe is a good book because you can imagine how African people live. The book shows you that Africa is very different from other continents.. It has chapters where you can see how hard life is there.
    I have liked it so much because when I was reading it, I realized that for European people, life is too easy but Africans have to try to live day by day.
    I definitely recommend this book.

  16. Silvia García

    I recommend this book because it is very easy to read and the story is very interesting. I liked it very much. When you are reading, the story gets more and more exciting because you get in the shoes of the characters all the time.

    Tears of the Giraffe is a love story no only detective story.
    When you finished the book, you know the meaning of its title.

    My favorite character is Motholeli, the girl in a wheelchair, because is a very kind, polite and optimistic person.

  17. It’ s a very interesting book because when you read it you can compare different lifestyles. It’s a mystery book , so you can’t stop reading , you need to know what hapenned to the characters at each moment, specially Mrs Ramostswe and her job like a detectitive.
    In this book, on the one hand, she has to solve a case about a child that disappeared ten years before.
    On the other hand, she’s going to get married to a gentle man , who is a mechanic and also he has a big heart.
    I think that this book should be read by all people.

  18. Cristina‘s book review has just been published on our Students’ Corner. It’s a good read! /ri:d/

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