This Is Just to Say

We’d like to share with you a beautiful poem (which looks like a sticky note we’d leave on a fridge!) written by William Carlos Williams. Listen to the poem * Read the poem. Then you’re welcome to post your comments about it here. You can also post the sticky notes on our Writing Blog!
Don’t forget to mention your course: Ba1, Ba2, In1, In2, Av1, Av2 or if you are a teacher or a visitor. Thanks a lot for posting!


3 responses to “This Is Just to Say

  1. This is just to say we’ve got a new blog! 😛

  2. Hi everybody! I think that this poem it’s like a note too…maybe it´s incomplete and William Carlos Williams ( I also think that his mother thought a lot about his name, it’s so curious..)wrote it before going shopping. He didn’t know if he should buy apples or oranges. Can you imagine? hahaha (AV2-Monday)

    Teachers’ tip: “… his mother thought hard before giving her baby a name!” (We had a laugh!)

  3. Hi people,
    For me the poem is like having a coffee with a friend. That moment when you sit and talk about simple things we have around us. When we are so sincere and open-minded.
    Reallly great!

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