Cold Comfort Farm NI2

Flora Poste disapproves strongly of unhappiness (“so unnecessary”). She’s cheerful, efficient and  full of common sense. If you read this satire of rural life and met Flora, you must leave a comment.


Robin Hood NB1

We’ve just read the book and seen the film Robin Hood. If you enjoyed them please leave a comment.

Cartoons: Rhymes with orange

About Rhymes with orange

Cartoons: Zits (Granos)

About Zits


The Big Bang Theory TV Series – an OP by Avanzado 2 students

This is part of the Tuesday’s BBT2 OP. It’s an audio file with some typed comments by the teacher – feedback.

The Social Network (2010)

For Avanzado 2 students: This movie is about the origins of Facebook. I haven’t managed to watch it yet (too busy!), so if any of you does, please tell us about it in class. Here is the link to its official website, where you can download the screenplay (please, as usual, don’t read it until you’ve watched it a couple of times)!! and then tons of things more!